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We specialize in local in-plant or at home cleaning of fine area rugs, treating each piece with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Quality Rug Cleaning Services for Lasting Beauty and Durability.

Invested with countless hours of artisan labor and significant monetary value, a hand-woven wool rug represents both a labor of love and a substantial financial commitment. However, as time passes, the accumulation of dirt and sand can permeate deeply into its fibers, reaching the very foundation of the rug. These abrasive particles act like sandpaper, gradually eroding the rug from within, threatening its integrity and beauty.

Rug Cleaning

Revitalize your rugs with our meticulous cleaning service. Using eco-friendly solutions, we remove embedded dirt and allergens, restoring vibrancy and softness.

Stain Removal

Say goodbye to stubborn stains with our targeted treatment. We assess the stain and rug material, employing specialized techniques to lift stains without damage.

Odor Removal

Banish unwanted odors from your rugs with our odor removal service. Our proven techniques and products eliminate odors, leaving your rugs smelling fresh and inviting.

Rug Repair

Restore your rug's beauty with our comprehensive repair service. From frayed edges to tears, our expert craftsmanship returns your rug to its former glory.

In-Plant Cleaning

Discover the epitome of care and expertise for your rugs at our Durango facility, where we offer specialized, in-plant cleaning services meticulously crafted to preserve their quality and beauty.

At Home Cleaning

Indulge in the convenience of our home service option. Our process commences with a thorough measurement and inspection of your rugs, allowing us to identify any pre-existing conditions with precision.

Pickup & Delivery

For unparalleled convenience, take advantage of our pickup and delivery service for a nominal additional fee.

20% Off

As a token of gratitude for discovering us online, relish a generous 20% discount on any drop-off cleaning order when paid during drop-off.

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Our Work Process

First, we employ our cutting-edge RugBadger machine to eliminate up to 90% of dry soil, a step unparalleled by other local cleaners.

Next, our meticulous process involves diagnosing and treating spots and stains, followed by a gentle hand-shampoo to dissolve embedded soil. We pay special attention to detailing fringes, ensuring they look impeccable.

To safeguard the integrity of your rugs, we administer a cold-rinse that protects fibers and dyes. Finally, we delicately dry your rugs to a cloud-soft, fluffy texture, ensuring a prompt return to your home!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are always focused on making sure our customers are happy. We won't stop working until you're happy with what we've done.

We believe that customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business. We strive to provide the highest quality rug cleaning services possible, and we stand behind every job we complete with our satisfaction guarantee.

We understand that entrusting your works of art to someone else can be a big decision. That’s why we want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result of our work. 

We believe in transparent communication, providing upfront details about the expected cleaning results and associated investment. Entrust your precious works of art to RugMasters of Durango today and experience the difference firsthand.

Free Rug Audit and Exact Quote: Call (970) 385-5777 today to schedule a complimentary Rug Audit and receive an exact quote, not just an estimate, ensuring clarity and precision in our services.

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